Universal Kids | Young


Need an instant image campaign?  You need Black Spot.  Within a week from prep to preliminary post, we partnered with Universal Kids to deliver this beautiful package to kick off 2018.  Want to cast a dozen kids over Christmas?  No problem.  Need a complete toolkit from scratch?  We’ve got it.  This project was so much fun we were climbing over ourselves to work on it.

Syfy Wire | Live Hits


Genre news needs nerds,  and lord, do we have them.  Syfy Wire needed daily news hits coveringthe entire fan-spectrum, and we leveraged every tool in our box to deliver.  Every weekday, we write, shoot, edit and deliver this topical fan-fest.

American Express | Small Business Saturday


What do you do when you get a major talent opportunity at the last minute?  It helps to call Black Spot.  NBCUniversal and Digitas did just that for Amex’s Small Business Saturday campaign starring Kristin Bell, Ted Danson, Idina Menzel and Dax Shepard.

We sent a Principal/Editor and an EP to set in LA, where they cut on-set and had approved rough cuts within hours of wrap each day.  Back in NYC, we revised, color corrected, mixed and finished, delivering the first three major spots for air and a truckload of digital six days after shooting wrapped.  By the time we were done, we threw four editors, two mixers, four vfx artists and two colorists at the project, all in-house and on-budget.  And nobody had to work on Sunday.

Syfy | Blood Drive


Syfy had a gonzo cult classic on its hands that they needed to get to as many platforms as possible without lighting their money on fire.  So we told them we'd grind out more content than they'd ever need under a 2 month retainer model.  We gave them 10 writers and 4 editors and went to town.   We pitched 250 ideas for linear, social, digital, and experiential.  We sent 20 on-air teases in the first week.  We cut 13 episodics and delivered them all a week before the premiere.  

The showrunners loved the creative so much they asked us to create fake commercials to run in the show itself.  Since we were already on retainer, we did that too.  Shoot a bunch of stuff?  Sure.  Need a custom jingle?  No problem.  Fill a fish tank full of flesh and blood?  You've got it.  You're on retainer baby!  No extra charge.

We used our studio, our equipment, our composers, and even our employees as the talent to create spots nobody would ever take home to their mom.  

USA | The Sinner


OK.  So not everything is funny.  Some things are deeply, deeply serious; so serious that you would never, ever, ever reveal who the murderer is on one of the summer’s biggest hit dramas – except that it was Jessica Biel.  She did it.  She’s the murderer.

Well!  Now that we’ve lost a client over a case study, we might as well tell you what we did to earn the trust we’ve just betrayed.   We presented ideas for linear, social and digital executions for USA's hit drama.  USA asked us to create a compelling on-air spot as well as shoot cast interviews for their digital execution.  Spoiler alert!  Jessica Biel was the interview subject.  



Behind The Scenes